Ultra Host Ghana Review 2020|My Honest Opinion

Ultra Host Ghana is a Webhosting and domain registration company serviced by Transcendent Business Solutions; An IT Firm in ghana. Ultrahostghana provides the first-class web hosting at the cheapest prices. They also provide domain registration, also at the lowest prices. This website was established in the year 2011 and has since managed to maintain an authoritative standing in the Webhosting companies in ghana.

Site    ultrahostghana.com
Domain Name Registration YES
Contact numbers   (+233) 0245076408
Site age in years  9
Money-back guarantee YES 30 days (claimed)
Location   Ghana
Affiliate sale NO
Offers or coupon codes NO
Ratings (out of 10)  Excellent / Good
Value for money 9 (Excellent)
Plans & pricing 9 (Excellent)

Here are some screenshots of the hosting plans with their pricing, available with ultrahostghana.com.

Chat, phone, email supports

With its eight years of experience in the hosting space, Ulotrahost ghana replies emails and WhatsApp messages promptly. The only downside of their support is they are not available on Saturdays. I am sure their CEO is an SDA.

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Emails usually take an hour for them to reply. In general, I would say this website has the best customer feedback ever and the highest response rate and expert assistance.

Features and Guarantees

Here is a screenshot of the features guaranteed by Ultra Host Ghana Website Hosting. They claim a 99.9% uptime. Money-back guarantees of 30 days and a very high-speed reasonable price range.

This is almost the slogan of every website hosting company I have reviewed. But this website seems to hold its end of the deal quite well.

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Other amazing things about Ultrahost ghana is their free SSL with all their hosting packages and free automatic backup.

User Experience surveys

This website has three good reviews on Whtop as at the time this article was written. well, their basic hosting plans come with 150GB of bandwidth and 5GB of SSD storage this is more than enough to get your website going. UltahostGhan has quite an excellent relationship with its customers due to the excellent packages. Over the past year, they had some challenges with their customer service rep, but it has been resolved now.

What I like about Ultra Host Ghana

  • They have the most reasonable pricing ever
  • Good for individuals who are just starting out with making money online.
  • They allow you to pay with mobile money
  • They have great customer support.
  • Their user account panel is beginner-friendly.
  • They provide free SSL Certificates for one year
  • They offer free weekly automatic backups of your website
  • They have a very broad knowledge base to help newbies
  • Thye also offer VPS hosting for bigger business websites

What I do not like about Ultra Host Ghana

Ok, this website seems like the perfect hosting company. Wait lemme show you a few drawbacks before you make your final decisions. Ther basic hosting plan comes with no free domain one has to purchase the domain separately. Aside from that, they do not offer support of Saturdays which is the day most people perform heavy maintenance on their websites. This can be a real set back for business websites. Again payment made on Saturdays take long for them to process.

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Final Words

Ultra Host Ghana is a highly reputable the best web hosting company in Ghana with over nine yarrs of experience in the Webhosting stratosphere. Surely they didn’t achieve his milestone by being a ridiculously bogus hosting company. There are a lot of Webhosting companies to choose from. This can sometimes become overwhelming. If you are confused about what to choose from just try out Ultra Host Ghana.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Ultra Host Ghana in any way all the reviews I give here are from my personal experience and reviews from other reputable sources also.

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