Top 6 Internet Service Providers (Data Bundles) in Ghana 2020

Are you looking to get yourself a new Mi-Fi or router to start your mini online business or firm? Are you confused about which internet service provider to go with? Or perhaps your current ISP isn’t meeting up to your expectations and you are looking to switch to a new one. In today’s article, we shall be looking at the Top six internet service providers (ISP’s) in Ghana in 2020. This comparison will be done according to their connectivity devices, data packages (bundles), internet speed and price range. Without wasting much time let us get into the list.

Busy Ghana

Busy Ghana makes it to the first place on our list. This is a very reputable internet data provider that has been around for about fourteen years. When it first began Busy didn’t gain quite a good following until the year 2016 when the use of portable wifi devices became a thing in Ghana. Busy offers a very large range of internet accessing devices such as Portable Wifi’s known commonly as Mi-Fi and composite routers for larger companies or firms. Their basic Mifi comes at a price of 200 ghana cedis with the router at a price range of about four hundred Ghana cedis.

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It currently provides 4g coverage in most areas of Accra the capital city of Ghana. What makes busy Mi-Fi’s and routers stand out is the amazing bonus attached to it once you purchase it. All their Mi-Fi’s and routers come with at least 20GB worth of Data. This is more than enough for the average individual. The only downside of Busy’s amazing services is the huge cost of internet packages compared to other internet service providers. You can get about a gigabyte worth of data for a ridiculous eight Ghana cedis. They offer unlimited data packages and night packages as well also which to me is their best and perhaps most recommended internet package.

Surfline Ghana

The only real competitor to Busy Ghana is Surfline. Just a quick note Surfline gained popularity before busy as it introduced its 4G routers and MI-Fi’s first. But take note this company was only started way back in 2011. Whereas busy was started around 2008. Ok enough of the history lest get into their devices and services. Just like Busy Ghana Surfline also has lots of connectivity devices ranging from Mi-Fi’s to Routers. They have introduced their new product in 2020 called a Car-Fi.

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This is a device that can be installed in your vehicle to provide free Wi-Fi for patrons of public transport or even our personal automobiles. This does not end there Surfline also provides non-connectivity devices such as security cameras and other internet accessories. With that out of the way let’s get into their data packages. It comes to shock that Surfline’s data packages are a little pricy than Busy’s. For instance, their one-gigabyte pock comes for a price of ten cedis which is two cedis more than Busy’s own. They also offer unlimited and nigh bundles also.

MTN Ghana        

The next on our list is the telecommunications giant in Africa and Ghana as well. Being a telecommunication company provides multiple services apart from internet bundles but today we are only going to look at their internet services. MTN provides a portable Mi-fi for it customers called a Turbonet. The price of this device comes at a shocking cut of 500 Ghana cedis. Yes, you heard me right five hundred Ghana cedis.

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That doesn’t end there their data packages are also ridiculously expensive. 5-gigabyte data comes at a price of twenty-five cedis. The only good thing about MTN is that you can go whit their normal bundles and save a lot of cash on data. Their normal bundles can get one gigabyte for only five Ghana cedis that is if you are on Made4u.

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana was the second-largest telecommunications company in Ghana after MTN. This changed when Airtel and Tigo merged to form AirtelTigo which raised their spot to the second-largest telecommunications company in Ghana. Vodafone’s internet speed is reasonably fast. Their MI-Fi comes at a cheap price of one hundred and seventeen Ghana cedis. The great thing is that it comes with a free 6 gigabytes of data for one month. If that isn’t enough for you can always go with their normal data bundles which has a reasonable price range also.

TeledataICT Ghana

Being a relatively newer data service provider in Ghana, TeledataICT Ghana makes it to the fifth position of our list. This internet service provider’s packages come in the form of one, two months, six months and yearly packages. They make their charges based on the internet speed limit you want. That is to say, all their packages are unlimited until the set period is reached.

Their basic packages which come at just two hundred and nineteen cedis per month offer unlimited data that has an internet speed cap of 10Mb per second. To me, this is a very reasonable deal. So if you are looking for a stable monthly data service provider I urge you to go for TeledataICT Ghana. Their network coverage is accessible in Greater Accra and the Eastern Region also.

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AirtelTigo Ghana

The second-largest telecommunication company Ghana which as the time of writing this article (March 2020) hasn’t embraced 4G yet. This ISP has also got some reasonable internet data packages. The only downside is they do not have their own Mifi Devices. If you want to enjoy their data packages you would have to use a universal Mi-Fi or router. Better still you can use their modem and dongles.


Final Words

If you live within the areas of Accra then all of the above internet service providers except AirtelTigo provide 4G coverage. Almost all the ISP’s internet packages come very fast speeds arrange in the order of the list above. MTN Ghana and Vodafone Ghana’s packages are accessible in all the sixteen regions in Ghana. If you are an individual or small company looking for good internet packages then we recommend you try out the above companies. As usual, have nice day friends!

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