Top 5 places to buy Arduino Kits and IoT Hardware in Ghana

Are you looking for a place to get all the parts needed to assemble your line follower robot? Would you like to know the best places where you can find Arduino Boards, Kits, composite modules and other Internet of Things (IoT) hardware to assemble your next project? I am a personal robotics enthusiast and Arduino programmer. I remember when I and a team of tech-savvy students in my class were asked to assemble a couple of projects for the national Sci-Tech Fair. We struggled a lot to get the parts needed to build the project. I quite remember I had an accident when heading to one seller’s shop. So in this article, I am going to share with you the best places to find this hardware in Ghana.

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Geeks Electronics

Our first and favorite website is Geek Electronics. This a private electronics shop located in Lapaz( Racecourse street) in Accra. I have personally visited their shop and they do not only sell Arduino and IoT parts but also construct many appliances on their own for domestic and commercial use. Most often you wouldn’t be visiting their shop to buy a product because they have a very versatile online store. I discovered Geeks Electronics by doing a google search about electronics shops in Ghana. Their website has a very clean layout and has got a lot of modules, composite boards, microcontrollers, motors, and of course Arduino boards (Uno, Nano, and Mega). You can also order products from their online shop and will be delivered with a day or so via the bus stations in the various regions in Ghana. They charge a flat shipping fee of 15 cedis. They also ship via Hubtel which delivers the product to your home but this is more expensive than the native bus station shipping.

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Oku Electronics

The second electronics shop on our list is Oku Electronics. Oku Electronics is a local electronics store located in Ashaiman in Accra. The great thing about Oku Electronics is they have more products listed on their shops than Geeks Electronics. If you want all the robotics hardware and other electronics hardware all in one place then we recommend Oku Electronics over Geeks Electronics. This store has also got an online store which lists all its products for users to access. They also deliver to all the regions in Ghana via VIP Bus parcel services. Similar to Geeks electronics they also charge a flat fee of 15 cedis for shipping. Another awesome thing about this ship is their product are a little cheaper than Geeks Electronics.

READ ALSO: Top 6 Internet Service Providers (Data Bundles) in Ghana 2020 is not solely an electronics stores but an online product listing website. Formerly known as OLX, many individuals and merchants list a lot of electronics components on this website. I quite remember I was only able to get a GSM module via Just hop on to this website and search for the Arduino board or IoT hardware you want. Chances are you will find more than one seller selling the product you are searching for. Browse through reviews and other products the seller is selling. If you happen to discover the seller is a shop and not an individual I suggest you buy from them.

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The largest eCommerce shop in Ghana should be your next destination when searching for Arduino Kits and IoT Hardware in Ghana. I know you are probably thinking if Jumia is the largest online eCommerce shop in Ghana why it is on the fourth position on our list. This is the reason first if all Jumia is a huge online shop so it is not specifically geared toward electronics products like Geek Electronics or Oku electronics. Secondly most of the Arduino kits, modules and electronics hardware you find on Jumia are shipped from Abroad. These products can take forever to arrive in Ghana when bought. So if you have got the time and money you can also buy Arduino Kits and IoT Hardware in Ghana from Jumia.

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Local Electronics Stores

The last place you can get Arduino Kits and IoT Hardware in Ghana is from local electronics stores. If you live around the areas of Accra central then you will be lucky to find that there are a lot of electronics shops around. There is a specific part of Accra called Zongo Lane. Most of the electronics stores are located within this community. Even though they do not only sell Arduino and IOT hardware you can find a couple of motors, chassis, Arduino boards, raspberry pi, and others. If you live around the central region you can also find some good electronics stores in Kasoa. Koforidua and Kumasi is also a great place to find electronics shops with these kinds of products.


Final Words

Due to the low level of technology and innovation in Ghana, it is quite hard to find this modern hardware to build your projects. I hope this article helped you in directing you to the right places to find Arduino Kits and IoT Hardware in Ghana. Kindly leave your comments bel9ow if you need any further assistance.

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