Top 4 Free Music Streaming Platforms To Discover New Music

Hello folks or day I am going to be sharing with my favorite website to discover insanely cool music for free. Just a quick note I am a fan of the late Juice Wrld and Queens’s Lil Tecca. After listening to a couple of tracks from juice Wrld and Lil Tecca I discovered that there is a lot of cool music out there that are not provided on the paid streaming platforms.

Let’s take Lil Tecca’s ransom for example I discovered this song when I was browsing through the trending list in AudioMack. If you haven’t ransom already this single is completely amazing.

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The reason why I prefer these platforms is because many upcoming artists usually do not have enough and technical knowhow to promote their music on these paid streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple music. Instead they turn to the free streaming platforms to gain a stable following.


The first and my favorite of all the free music streaming platforms is AudioMack. They have a very amazing app for those who would like to get a handy audio streaming app in their pocket. Their website has an orange color scheme. Their app is available on both android and IOS platforms.

The thing I love about AudioMack is that you can create an account and follow your favorite artist to find new tracks from the. That is just the small part, the real cake is their trending tap. It allows you to get hold of various trending songs and albums over the course of the week and months.

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Obviously the king of all the free music streaming platforms had to make it to the list. Soundcloud has become so popular that a new category of hip-hop called Soundcloud music. Despite long years of serving free music and beats to the public.

It still hasn’t lost its stable users. If you would like to discover some insanely cool songs that almost no one is talking about then Soundcloud is just the place for you.

The website on our list is This is more than a podcast streaming website. Ever since its launch, it has expanded its horizons allowing new and professional artists to share theory content with the world for free. Of course, there is an option to upgrade to get more functionality.

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YouTube Music

YouTube is technically not an audio streaming platform but a video streaming network. But in recent years it has expanded its horizons also. There are dedicated versions of YouTube such as gaming, music, news, and movies.

Just tap on the trending tap and select music to use YouTube music streaming feature. You can even take advantage of this to learn the lyrics of the song.

Final Words

Nothing is as cool as listening to good music at works or even during your free time. Most of the time the most hyped songs do not offer any real value. These platforms allow you to discover some really awesome music on your own. Share your thoughts on this website below. As usual, have a nice day guys!

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