Picoworkers Review: Is Picoworkers Legit or a Scam

Hello, guys! in today’s article we are going to talk about Picoworkers Review in 2020. This is a website that has been getting a lot of attention lately and I thought of making a review of my own. Read to the end to find out if Picoworkers is worth joining or not.

What is Picoworkers

Picoworkers a small micro working platforms where you can perform small online tasks for small payments roughly between a cent to a dollar. Indivulkadal can also sign up and post small jobs such as liking a Facebook profile or visiting a particular website. The great thing about Picoworkers si that it is an international website so you do not have have to worry about the country you are from.

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How do I Sign up for Picoworkers

It is quite easy to sign up with Picoworkers you just need to fill in important details such as you Full NAME, EMAIL, county of residence and a professional profile page. Please TAKLE NOT your email must match your PayPal email if you plan on receiving payments with PayPal.

What types of jobs are available at Picoworkers

There are two types of jobs name small jobs and ongoing jobs., Examples of small jobs are visiting a particular website and clicking a couple of ads. Ongoing jobs include downloading an app or signup on a website.

How do you earn with Picoworkers

When you first start out on Picoworkers you are level one. When you work for a certain amount of time you are promoted to level two, and then level three. Your status really affects the type of jobs you get. The higher the level you get the better your chances of getting an ongoing job. You also earn points by completing your profile.

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You can also make more money on Picoworkers by referring your friends to join Picoworkers. You first have to do some small jobs example commenting on particular website to earn some cents, to begin with. Be sure to upload your government-issued ID to unlock more paying jobs.

How do I withdraw from Picoworkers

You can withdraw from Picoworkers once your balance passes the payment threshold(5 dollars) and withdrawal fee. You also need to upload an identity card as proof before you can withdraw.

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Picoworkers provides nine withdrawal options which are Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Amazon Gift Card, Payza, US Bank Cheque(Via mail) and Skrill. Please take note you cannot withdraw the signup bonus. Withdraw requests take at least ten days to process. Sometimes it is processed earlier.

Pros of Picoworkers

  • Easy interface for efficient job search
  • Lower withdrawal threshold and fees
  • Multiple withdrawal options available including cryptocurrencies
  • Most of the task are reviewed on time
  • They offer a referral program
  • Whooing 50 cents bonus for signup up which can be used to create a job and hire workers

Cons of Picoworkers

  • Off late withdrawal request takes longer to process sometimes even months
  • success rate affects earnings
  • Not a lot of small jobs are available
  • personal documents are needed to get better jobs
  • Most high paying jobs are made only available for people from the United States
  • you just upload a valid photo and proof of identity

My Verdict

Well, folks now you are aware of what to expect from Piocworkers. It is up to you to make a decision, whether you want to take this job or not. But if you’re somebody who wants to earn some cool cash with your precious time then I wouldn’t recommend Picoworkers. But if you are looking to earn a couple of pennies then you can try out Picoworlers.

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