Is It Too Late To Start Blogging In 2020? (A Case Study)

Hello, folks of you are reading this article then you are probably thinking of joining the blogging game. Well, trust me it’s worth it. Ok now that we have out that out of the way, you are probably weighing your chances of you actually making it this game.

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Today I am going to evaluate those odds of you actually starting and maintaining a successful blog. To better make this evaluation accurate we are going to look at what has changed and hasn’t changed in the blogging industry so far before I make my final verdict.

What has changed in the blogging universe so far?

The influx of many new bloggers

As the world keeps developing the spread of technology has immensely become easier. Almost every individual with has access to the internet is looking to earn a couple of extra bucks form the internet. Most of these folks normally start their pathway with trying out blogging. In fact who wouldn’t? Blogging seems to be the easiest to start with.

SEO has become more difficult and takes longer to implement

Yes, this is one of the major setbacks for most bloggers. Gone are the days when you could use black hat SEO techniques and article spinning to rank your articles on the first page of google. Google’s new algorithm imitates native search results making the implementation of cheeky techniques virtually useless.

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Free organic traffic is literally dead

Another huge setback and probably the most serious of all of them. Traffic is equivalent to the amount of income you earn in blogging. Seriously if you have got no one to sell or advertise to; then how can you earn income from blogging? Almost every platform available for free traffic is filled up leaving no space for new bloggers to generate free traffic from these channels.

A much larger audience has spawned

This point might contradict the above one, but do not get confused it does not. Even though it’s very difficult and nearly impossible to get free organic traffic, a much larger crowd has popped up on the internet. With the increasing number of individuals on the internet if brings rooms for exploring different paths to bring those newbies to your blog.

More niches have opened up for exploration

Another good thing about blogging is that it’s much easier to earn a consistent passive income from the booming new niches. As the audience has gowned many individuals have developed diverse interests. This allows allowing you to tap into a specific niche and dominate.

Many advanced tools have been developed to make blogging easier

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It’s much easier to outsmart your competitors with the new advanced plugins and content management systems developed to make blogging much easier. You even do not need to share your articles manually on your social handles WordPress does that for you. It is much easier to engage visitors and multiply your traffic.

What hasn’t changed so far in blogging?

Now that I have highlighted what has changed in the blogging industry so far let make address the thing that still remains the same in blogging. It’s simple with hard work and determination one can easily make it in the blogging industry.

It’s the same as before all the old popular bloggers and new ones invested time effort and even sometimes money and remained determined and eventually made it.

My Verdict

You are definitely going to stumble or run into problems when you begin your blogging journey. But more often these obstacles allow you to learn a thing or two to better help you understand the industry. If you have got the properties I mentioned above I need not tell that it is never too late to start blogging.

Final Words

I hope you gained some kind of motivation from reading this article. If you did kindly share this article anyone who might need it. As usual, don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comment section below. Have a nice day friend!

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