How To Unlock The Hidden Game On Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

This might sound weird but we are actually going to sharing with you an article about games. Yeah we know we normally share a tutorial about tech stuff but trust me before you ridicule me this tutorial is going to be fun. One might ask why I would want to play a hidden game on android Marshmallow.

Even though this game might not be anything close to Pubg or Battlefield it definitely playable. We are sharing with you this article so you can use it to impress your friends. Okay without saying much let’s get into it. Please note we have attached various screenshots to help you discover the game easily.

Open your phone settings

The first thing you would want to do is to open the setting menu on your device. For most android device it usually easy to locate the setting menu. You can simply swipe down and select it from the upper menu or open the apps menu and select settings from the grid or list.

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Open About Device

Once you have successfully opened the settings menu, Depending on your phone model it should be easy to navigate to the about phone tab. Just scroll down till you see it. On my Samsung device it was located at the last but one option from the button. Tap on it once you spot it.

Select your android version multiple times

On the next page, you will see a ton of information about your devices such as your device model number, name, status, and legal information. Locate your android version from the list. It is usually located beneath the model version. Tap on your android version multiple times. From my experience, I think it is about six times.

Tap and Hold on the Marshmallow icon

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If you did this correctly you should be approved by a huge Marshmallow icon. Which usually have light purple color or pink color. Just tap on it for about ten times. You would notice the color keeps changing every time you tap on it. Do not be alarmed that is actually supposed to happen. After tapping on it for about six times it should automatically redirect you to the hidden game.

Hurray!! Click on the play button to start playing

Congratulation you have successfully unlocked the hidden game on your android device. Now it is time for the hard part, actually playing the game. From my observation, you are supposed to maneuver through the small games to play the game. That sounds simple to do but trust me it isn’t. Have fun playing the game and share your experiences with us.

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Final Words

Well, now you have something cool at your finer tips to impress your friends. You can really prove to your friends and loved ones you are computer whiz with this little trick. Comment below if you want us to do write more cool articles like this one. If not kindly leave a review below. Have a nice day guys!!

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