How to Take a Screenshot of a Custom Area in Windows

Hello, folks today we are going to share with you a quick guide with you about how to take a screenshot of a custom area in windows. We know there are various tools and soft wares you can use to do this but today we are going to share with you how to do so without using any custom tools or screen recorders. If you would still like to use a software we recommend you use Ice-creams Screen Recorder.

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This an amazing multi-purpose screen recording app. Apart from being able to record your computer screen and taking native screenshots of your whole computer screen, Icecream Screen recorder allows you to select a custom area of your screen for free. You do not need to exit the application you are using before you can use Ice-creams Screen Recorders. This can be done with numerous shortcuts you create yourself. Ok with that out if the ay let’s get into the tutorial.

Open the Start Menu

The very first thing you would want to do is open our good old friend in windows; The Start Menu. Would you believe Windows 8.0 was launched without a Start Menu button? Well, Microsoft detected that it was a major flaw as customers were not satisfied with the product. Their next release Windows 8.1 has a Start Menu so as the further versions.

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Open All Programs

The next thing you would want to do it to open the all programs tab. This is located at the bottom of the Start Menu. If you do not want to open the all programs tab, you can simply search for the name of the software we would be using called “Snipping Tool?” . Moreover not worry this application already comes with windows.

Click on Accessories

I know this guide seems like the same old methods in opening WordPad. I remember way back in elementary school we had to memorize the steps in opening WordPad or any other accessory application in windows by heart.

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Click on the Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is the Windows inbuilt application we would be using here. This simple application has many cool features. The Snipping tool’s logo is that of a scissors circled with a red color. It would be hard to miss on the accessories list. Once you spot the Snipping tool icon double click on it to open it. Screenshots are called “Snips” when using the snipping tool. After taking a successful screenshot (snip) you can edit them in the snipping tool application. This is done by actions such as highlighting, erasing or using the pencil tool to write custom text on your snip.

Click on New

To take a new screenshot just click on the “New Snip” tab. Once you click on new snip your whole screen will be slightly blurred out and your mouse pointer would change to a plus icon. Use the plus sign to select your custom area and save.

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Save your Snip

After taking the screenshot a preview of the image will be shown in the editor. If you are 100% satisfied with the image click on the “Save As” tab to save the image.


Final Words

That was a very simple guide on how to take a screenshot of a custom area on your Windows PC or laptop. Kindly subscribe to our RSS feed for more cool content. Be sure to check out other articles to find out more informative information also. Have a nice day friend!

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