How to Shop Online from Jumia A Step by Step Guide

Hello, folks, we are going to look at how to shop from Ghana’s largest online retail website Jumia. Jumia is an eCommerce website that operates and many African countries. Even though most of the products enough on Jumia are present in Ghana they also have the option to buy from seller abroad also.

With this option, they use a service called Jumia Global to ship the product to you so you do not need to pay extra shipping fees. The only downside of ordering Jumia Global proudly is the product takes longer to arrive in Ghana. We are looking at close to three weeks. Ok now that you know about Jumia and how it works let’s look at how to actually buy a product from them.

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Head over to Jumia

The first thing you would want to do is to head over to Jumia. Please use the above link to access the official Jumia website. Due to the high rate of credit card theft, it is advised not to shop over public networks or Wi-Fi’s as these are normally the target for hackers and spammers. Make sure to only shop from your phone or personal computer so that you do not risk your account information being stolen.

Log into your account

Once you reach Jumia’s homepage you are required to log into an account before you can place an order. You can also decide to purchase the product you want to purchase by adding it to the cart before logging into your account but I advise you to log into your account first. If you do not have a Jumia account already you can read my guide on how to create a Jumia account for free. Once you have your account just enter your email and password to log in.  If you sign in using Facebook just select the option log in “with Facebook” to login.

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Select a product

This is pretty easy to do. Navigate through the website to find your desired item. We advise you to check out their hot deals section to find products at discounted prices.

Add your product to the cart

Next, add your product to your cart. I assume you have found that amazing product you want to purchase. After click on the product link and read the various descriptions about the product. If you are satisfied with what you see click on the yellow add to cart button to add the item to your cart.

Make sure your product is the right one

Before you finally hop into typing your shipping address and making a payment double-check to make sure the product you selected is the one you want to purchase. If there are other products in your cart by mistake just click on the remove icon to remove them from your cart. If you do not do this, it will add an extra cost to your item.

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Proceed to checkout

Now that you are certain that is the product or item you want, the next thing to do is to proceed to checkout. Click on the “proceed to checkout” button located below the product.

Enter your shipping address

This is quite easy to do. If you do not know your shipping address you can download the GhanaPostGPS app to generate an address for you. If you do not want to do that just enter your house number and area? If there is a popular landmark such as a school, church, or well-known company near the location add it to the address so the delivery guy can easily reach you. Also in the phone number section make sure you enter your active phone number as the delivery will need your instruction to bring the item to your hose. He will also call you via this number when the item arrives in your area.

Select a payment method

Now it’s time to actually pay for the product. Select from the numerous payment methods available the one you want. You have the option to pay with mobile money (AirtelTigo, MTN Mobile Money and Vodafone cash), Credit card (VisaCard and MasterCard) or pay on Delivery option.

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Pay for your product

After sectoring the payment method you want a dialogue box will follow up with instructions on how to pay for the product. If you choose mobile money a payment method, a prompt will be generated to the number you used asking to pay the required sum. If you chose Credit Card you will be required to enter your credit card number, Name on card, and expiration date. If you chose Pay on delivery no more info will be needed.

Track your product

After your order has been placed a confirmation message will be sent to you. Next, you will be prompted to track the progress of the product being shipped. Just select “my orders” from the menu and track the item you just purchased. A tracking number will be assigned to the product for reference.

Note: Your order will have to be manually confirmed by an agent before the item is shipped to you. You can also contact support if your product is taking too long to arrive.  If you feel you do not that much time you can also cancel the order.


Final Thoughts

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