How To Sell Bitcoin In Ghana For Mobile Money A Step By Step Guide

Have you got some bitcoin you would like to sell and receive mobile money? Whether it’s that small coins you earned from bitcoin mining or huge sums of money you received from your online store mobile money is a very handy way to use your bitcoins.

There are many individuals who claim to buy and sell bitcoins online. Some of these individuals are legit but most of them are scammers looking to earn some extra bucks from your hard work. Today I am going to show you a completely safe and secure way to change your bitcoin into mobile money instantly.

Head over to Payplux

This is where all the magic occurs. There are a lot of other cool websites to buy bitcoin from but our favorite and recommended option is Payplux. Payplux is a crypto firm based in Accra. It was launched in the year 2012. I have bought and sold bitcoin with them many times without encountering any problems.

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The most amazing part is every transaction is automatic. What I mean is that your order is processed instantly in just a minute. You can click on the following link to head over to Payplux.

Create a free account.

It’s really straight forward you just click on the blue sign up button to begin the registration process. You are required to enter your full name, email, phone number, and the desired password.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions and clicking in sign up an email and text message will be sent to your mail and phone number respectively. Follow the link in the main to confirm and activate your account. The next thing left is to log into your account.

Log into your account

After successfully creating your account it’s now time to sell your bitcoin to Payplux. On the right-hand panel, you will see a sell bitcoin tab. Click on the blue button to begin the process. Enter the amount you want to sell in the new dialogue box. You should see the amount you will receive in Ghana cedis under it. Click on continue once you are certain you have got the amount entered in the window.

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Send the bitcoin to Payplux’s wallet.

Now, this is pretty straight forward after entering the amount you want to sell an invoice will be created. Send the amount in the invoice to PayPlux’s bitcoin address. All the required information will be given to you. If you are using a bitcoin wallet such as wallet or any software wallet it should pop up in the software to pay the invoice.

Wait for the payment to be processed

Once you are done with the payment wait for the transaction to get at least one confirmation. Your transaction will take a few minutes to process if only you sent the correct sum. After a while, your money will be credited to your cash out wallet.

Note: the funds will not be sent to your mobile money number. You will have to withdraw from your cash out wallet to your mobile money account.

Withdraw to your mobile money account

Now that your cash out wallet has been topped up you can withdraw the money to your mobile money account at any time. Just click on the cash out wallet from the left-hand panel. In the new window, select withdraw funds.

Double-check to make sure your correct phone number is entered in the field provided. Click continue and your payment will be lodged. It usually takes just a minute to receive your funds into your mobile money account.

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Final Words

The nature and security of online transactions have really changed due to the introduction of cryptocurrency. As more and more embrace the cryptocurrency wave it becomes a more likely target for scammers and fraudsters. I advise you only do crypto transactions with reputable companies and individuals. As usual, have nice day friends!

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