How to Save Downloaded WhatsApp Statuses on Android Without Any App

Did you watch that amazing WhatsApp status of your friend? Do you wish to use that short clip or picture in a project or vend send it to your friends? Perhaps you would love to also use it as your status. Whether it that funny cat video or cool picture of you and your family vacation sometimes you just need to view downloaded WhatsApp status. There are many applications that can be used to save downloaded WhatsApp status to your android device or SD Card. The most popular one is the WhatsApp status saver. This is a very powerful application that allows you to download WhatsApp statuses onto your phone.

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Sometimes just installing another application to do this job can be quite tedious. In this guide, we will be teaching you how to save your downloaded WhatsApp status onto your device on android without the need for any other software. I know you are probably asking how this is possible. Let me give you a quick yip you didn’t know already. When your WhatsApp statuses are downloaded WhatsApp hides these status files in a hidden folder on your phone. So technically speaking your downloaded WhatsApp statuses are on your phone but are just hidden. You just need to find them. With that out of the way let’s get into the tutorial.

Head over to your device File Explorer or File manager

Depending on the kind of device you are using you should be able to spot your file explorer easily. If you do not have a file explorer on your device you can download ES File Explorer. What we are basically doing is navigating to the WhatsApp folder.

Navigate to your device storage

Mostly WhatsApp is installed on your devices inbuilt storage. Only a few devices allow you to install WhatsApp on an external SD Card. If you WhatsApp happened to be installed on an external on an SD Card just open that root instead.

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Open the WhatsApp folder

You should be able to spot the WhatsApp folder the moment you open your storage root. If you still cannot see the WhatsApp folder after opening your device storage or external SD Card, Navigate to the Android folder rather. You should see a subfolder named data or app data. Open that folder and you should see your WhatsApp folder.

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Show hidden file and folders

This step could have been done before even navigating to your WhatsApp root folder. Depending on the type of file explorer you are using just tap the three dots at the top of the menu bar to see the option show hidden files and folders. If you are using ES File explorer just tap on the left panel. Then click on the settings or tools tap. You should see the option “show hidden files and folders”.

Select media

Now that you have enabled “show hidden files and folders” you should see the number of subfolders in the WhatsApp folder increase. You will see some folders starting with a full stop. This is normally how folders are hidden on android. Just tap on the media folder. That is where all your downloaded statuses are hidden.

Open the .Statuses Folder

At this point, you are almost done. If you manage to see the .Statuses Folder opens it to see all your downloaded WhatsApp statuses. Just a quick note WhatsApp deletes old status for a while to replace them with new ones. So be sure to copy your new downloaded statuses regularly from this folder. Which leads us to the next step.

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Copy the files to your external storage or any other folder

Now that you have been able to access your downloaded statuses without any software or application how do you use them? As I said earlier by default these folders are hidden it will continue to remain hidden therefore your gallery or any other media application wouldn’t be able to read data from this folder. To use your saved WhatsApp statuses you need to copy the files fork here to another location where they can be read. You can just create a new folder in the root storage or on your external SD card to keep all your downloaded WhatsApp statuses.


Final Words

We hope you found this article useful. From now onwards you do not need to worry about downloading an application to save your WhatsApp statuses. Most often some of these applications come with bloatware which takes up a chunk of your device storage space. Be sure to use our guide to help you save storage significantly. Thank you. Also, do check out other articles to learn something new today.

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