How to Protect Yourself from MTN Mobile Money Fraudster’s Best Tips

Many individuals have been scammed or tricked one point in their life or another. With the increasing digitalization in Ghana mobile money has become the go-to payment method for many individuals and companies. Scammers and fraudsters see this platform as a hot cake to exploit. Today we are going to share with you five cunning tactics these fraudsters try out on innocent people to gain their money. Kindly take note of these tricks and protect yourself accordingly.

Note: Any form of Mobile Money fraud or Scam is a criminal offense. Please report any of such acts to the Ghana Police Service or MTN Customer Service Department. Help us fight these Mobile money fraudsters and scammers!

Fake Mobile money payment messages

The very first way you can de defraud through mobile money is through text messages. These unscrupulous scammers usually send a fake message claiming that you have received a particular sum of money from a specific number. To our surprise some of these fraudsters make the massage look very legitimate. Others also in a hurry make the message look very clumsy filled with lots of grammatical errors.

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For instance, instead of mobile money, they spell “Mobel Money”. Others also contain some weird symbols in the message. If you ever encounter any suspicious message like this make sure you do no check your account right away to see if indeed the money has been sent to your account. Wait for a few hours and check your account to see if indeed such remittances have been sent to your account. The reason why I caution you to wait for a while is that normally they set up a prompt which comes immediately you dial the mobile money code. It is usually in lines of “Authorize Payment for so so and so”. If you see such a prompt that you did not start on your own kindly cancel it and dial the main mobile money code again.

They call you to send a sum of money back to them after the fake messages

To further advance their scamming scheme they immediately call you after you have received this message to claim that they sent the money by mistake so kindly send it back to them. Such people often give a very flimsy excuse and plead with you to send the alleged money back. Some even go the extra mile of pressuring you to send the money back to them.

They call you to help them unblock your mobile money account

This is also a new tactic that has been developed by these fraudsters. This is what they do now after sending these suspicious messages they call you or send a message which tells you your mobile money account has been blocked so an agent will follow up with instructions to help you unblock our account. So posing as an agent they call you and claim they need your assistance to unblock your mobile money account.

Often they initiate fraudulent mobile money prompt and trick you into typing your mobile money PIN and authorize a money transfer without you knowing. If you are approached by such calls or messages kindly ignore them. If indeed your mobile money account is blocked you should go to a designated MTN office so they unblock it for you. Never fall victim to these malicious scammers.

They send you messages about a won prize

This method has been there a while now and it seems it’s losing its viability. Gone are the days when they send fake messaged claiming you have won a price for example; a very expensive television set or refrigerator. These fraudsters claim you are supposed to sum a relatively smaller amount of money so that the prize you won will be delivered to you. Please such things do not happen. If ever you win a prize from any giveaway program you shall be called to report to their office to pick up the product yourself.

They claim that your ward is sick in school and needs money for medical attention

This type of scam is quite common in the second cycle institutions. About eighty percent of the secondary school students in Ghana use the school’s hotel and boarding facilities. These fraudsters take advantage of this to steal innocent parents’ money. They call claiming to be the headmaster or senior housemaster in your child school. You are then asked to send a sum of money to help in the treatment of your child as he or she has been admitted to the hospital.

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Due to trust issues this type of scam, is normally administered by people close to you or your child. Be sure to advise your child about the kind of friends to take in school. Should in case you be approached with such a scam kindly call the school’s legal phone number to verify. Better still be sure to speak personally with your child to confirm the severity of the situation before sending any such money. We also advise you to take the phone number of your ward housemaster when you admit him or her to the school afresh to you can reach him or her to confirm any such situation when you are approached by it.

How to protect yourself

Basically do not mind any fraudulent messages or calls that arrive on your cell phone. Call MTN customer service immediately if you receive such messages for help and clarification. Always keep your mobile money pin a secret. Do not forget to be cautious with the type of people you associate yourself with. These scammers and fraudsters are usually closer to you than you think.



We live in a world where making a decent living is not an easy thing to do. With the youth being more ambitions nowadays they look to quicker ways of making money. which results in them engaging in petty criminal activities. Kindly report any form of fraud or scam to the MTN call center 100 or the nearest police station for investigation. As usual, have a nice day friend! Kindly check out our website for more safety tips and tech tips also.

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