How to Prevent Your Facebook Account from being Blocked

Getting your Facebook account locked is really one of the worst nightmares ever especially if your account is used to run or online business or website. In today’s guide, I shall be sharing with you ways on how to prevent yOUr Facebook account from being blocked. We are going to look at the habits to avoid nad the habit to adopt to protect your Facebook account.

Facebooks algorithm has become more aggressive lately due to the high rise of fake Facebook account and spam on their platform. In view of that, we are going to look at the top eight reasons why Facebook locks your Facebook account. We highly suggest you avoid the habits I am about to address below.

Eight reasons why your Facebook account get blocked

Posting too frequently within a set period of time

The first major cause of Facebook jail is posting a particular content too frequently. This is often experienced when one posts the same picture or link in multiple Facebook groups in a short time. When this occurs Facebook bot flags your content as spam.

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Prolonged spamming often result in your account being temporarily locked. On more severe occasions your account can only be permanently terminated. I have had my Facebook account blocked before and trust me it really isn’t easy to get the account back. Avoid the habit of posting too many articles within a short time.

Sending a lot of friend request within a short period of time

This is in direct relation to the point I mentioned above. Let’s face it how many of us have a thousand friends in real life? The Facebook platform was created solely to connect people to their friends and families. On that note having a lot of friends, especially in the thousand, look really weird in the eyes of Facebook

That is not to say, you cannot have a thousand friends on Facebook. In fact, you can, their friend request limit is five thousand. But the problem comes when you send too many friend requests within a short time.

Advertising a business on a personal page

Every business is required to have a single page to manage its brand. Subsidiaries of a particular business can have different pages. Let take this scenario you created a personal Facebook page way back in high school. After three years of graduating you start a new business but wish to make use of the many fans and followers, you have amassed on your highschool Facebook personal page.

So you begin to promote your business on that page. Facebook really goes against this. You are not permitted to conduct business on personal pages at all. A few links shared on your personal page are ok but you should not be tour sole advertisement channel.

Changing your personal Facebook page name to a business name

To make the above point more serious. You might be tempted to change your popular personal Facebook page to a business name to represent your business. Facebook tags this as a falsification of identity or some kind of imposter. In their community guidelines, they strictly speak against misleading content, which your new business Page represents.

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Joining a lot of Facebook groups in a short time

Facebook groups are a great source of free targeted traffic since every group is center around a particular niche or topic. Most often people try too hard to get traffic from these channels. Facebook allows you to post informative and relevant content in Facebook groups, but doing it too often might cause problems. Strictly speaking, posting the same content in many Facebook groups in a short time will cause your post to be flagged as spam.

Mass spamming on messenger

Sending the same message to multiple friends on Facebook messenger is strictly prohibited. When one does this Facebook sees you like a spam bot. Ok if you do not know what a spambot is. A spambot is basically a bot created to send many messages in a short time. These bits are created for advertising and back hat promotion purposes. Your account is instantly flagged when your account seems to mimic acts of a spam bot.

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Basic violation of Facebook terms of service

The last reason why your Facebook account probably got blocked was because of is a basic violation of Facebook Terms of Service, a few include not using your real name and identity to sign up. Also using hate speech when addressing people on Facebook can cause your account to be temporally locked.

How to protect yourself

  • Avoiding posting the same articles within a short period of time. If you want to share relevant content with people on Facebook space it out. Do not share everything at once?
  • Create designated business pages to represent your business.
  • Avoiding sending too many friends’ requests in a short time. Limit it at most 20 friends a day.
  • Try as much as possible to follow the community guidelines and Facebook Terms of Service
  • Do not join a lot of groups within a short time. At most join only 5 groups a day.
  • Pay for Facebook advertisements if you really want to promote your page to be on the safer side.

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Final Words

I sincerely hope I have clarified some basic reasons why Facebook blocks your account. Kindly share this article with your friend to keep Facebook clean to use. As usual, have nice day friends!

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