How To Make Money Blogging In Ghana The Simplified Guide Part Two

In our previous article, we shared with you part one of how to make money online in Ghana. If you haven’t checked out that article kindly DO SO now because this article is very dependent on the previous article. If you have already done that then let’s get into the second phase on our amazing journey on making money online in Ghana.

Install WordPress

By now you probably have bought your domain name and hosting. The next thing you’ve got do is to install a Content Management System commonly known as CMS. Our favorite CMS is WordPress. Depending on where you bought your hosting you should be able to install WordPress from the cPanel with just a single click. After installing WordPress give your brand a name and title and voila! You are good to begin making money from tour first blog.

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Write cool original content

Now it’s actually time to give your audience what they signed up for; amazing content. I personally write my first twenty blog post in a word application before even creating my website. This really takes away the initial burden of wiring a super cool blog post.

In the first few weeks, SEO wouldn’t be your main propriety in blogging but if you have sufficient knowledge in that you can begin right away. I would recommend you keep your initial blog post fun, short and very precise. Your audience didn’t sign up for no kumbaya crap.

Sign up for Google AdSense

Before you sign up for Google AdSense make sure you have at least twenty original articles with each article having not less than 500 words. This might seems like a difficult task but trust it me it really isn’t if you are passionate about your niche.

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Make sure you have no copyright content in your blog especially copyrighted images from google. It would be prudent if you read their publisher policies to make sure your site fully complies with their terms before you’re signing up.

Get approved and start promoting your blog

Now it’s left with the hard part waiting to get approved. It usually takes about one to two weeks for your site to be fully reviewed. During this period take time to revise your marketing strategy. Also if you have any prayers left now would be the time to say a word or so. This is due to the unpredictability of Google AdSense.

Do not be alarmed if after a long wait your site isn’t still approved. They will give you sufficient reasons for not accepting your blog. Review the places where you were at fault and submit your site again. Most times you normally get it right after the first bounce.

(Implement your marketing strategy)

Congratulations after the long hustle your site has been finally approved for google AdSense and ads are now showing on your site. Do not start throwing yourself out of the window yet, the actual hassle is about to begin. This might be the most difficult part of the whole blogging journey.

If your marketing strategy involves intensive promotion on social media then get busy and start showing your content to the world. If it involves throwing in some extra bucks to get your site going do not be surprised at all. Just be cautious when investing that extra penny into getting real actual traffic.

Establish your presence on social media and forums

I know this might look similar to the above point but it’s actually very different. Getting traffic from social media is actually different from establishing your presence on social media. Let’s take an example, someone like Dj Khalid does not perform at shows or even sing any song. He is just a very good producer and Dj. The weird thing almost every top artiste knows Dj Khalid, yes that’s what I am talking about establishing your presence.

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Final Words

I am optimistic that with this simplified guide you have actually grasped the whole concept of blogging. I placed a lot of time and effort in compiling this guide. Kindly share this article with others if you found it very useful. We shall be creating a detailed guide to explain each of the steps in separate articles. Leave a comment below if you would love to know more.

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