How To Get Google To Index Your New Blog Posts Quickly

Your blog post can only be considered for ranking only when it has been indexed by google. Getting free organic traffic from search engines is one of the best way to earn a passive income from your website. In today’s guide I am going to be sharing exactly how to get google to crawl your website quicker and index your new blog posts. So let’s get into the guide. Here are seven ways to google your new blog posts quickly.

Use Internal Linking

This is the number one rule to getting your new blog post indexed quickly. When your site is new google does not craw your site often so you have to make the most of the few times the google bot crawls your website. You can achieve this by linking related post to each other in every single blog post. When you interlink your new blog post google follow up a crawled url and ends up on the new blog post. This allows the new post to be crawled also for indexing.

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Create a sitemap for your website

Crawling is faster when your website has a definite structure. This is where the sitemap comes in in. A sitemap of your website contains the necessary architecture of your website. You can use a free SEO tool such as Rank Math or the Native Yoast plugin to generate a sitemap for your website. A sitemap file usually has the extension “.xml”

Submit your sitemap to Google Search console

The only way for you to see the performance of your site in the eyes of google is through google webmasters search console. Search console is a very powerful tool in SEO. You get to see nice data and SEO errors of your website and recommendations on how to fix them. Create a free google search console account and verify your website domain. Once you are done submit your generated sitemap file to search console and wait for your sitemap to be indexed.

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Submit your new blog post URL to google

You can further speed the process of indexing by manually submitting your blog post to google to crawl and index. This is the fastest of all the ways to index your new blog post. But note this comes with a price. If your blog post is of low quality this will end up hurting your SEO. So make sure your post is completely valuable before submitting it to google to crawl.

Link you popular blog posts to your new blog posts

This is also a very effective method to get your content indexed quickly. Google constantly crawls your most popular blog post especially when it is still getting a lot of traffic. So do the math it is more likely for google to discover your new blog post url and crawl it. Your popular blog post might probably be getting lots of traffic from google already is more likely for google to rank content related to it in the first position.

Share your blog post on social media

Content which gets a lot of social media interaction is crawled faster by google. You better the chances of getting your blog post indexed by sharing it on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. When google notices you are getting a lot of traffic from social media to a particular blog post it tends to crawl it quickly.

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Post Regularly

This is the last tip you need to consider to speed up the indexing process of your blog posts. If your site is constantly putting out relevant content the google bot will continue coming back to crawl your website. So combine the tips above and create more amazing content to see drastic improvement in your SEO. Try as much as possible to write at least three blog posts daily to better your chances of getting your new blog posts indexed quickly.

Final Words

Well folks here are my top seven tips to get your blog post indexed quickly. Please do not despair if it is taking a couple of days for your blog post to be indexed. It all wouldn’t happen ones. You would notice your new log posts are being indexed in a few hours after you try out these tips yourself. Soon after this your blog post indexing will be in a matter if minutes.

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