How To Download Your Favorite YouTube Video Online For Free

Would you like to download that awesome cat video you saw on YouTube or you would like to keep a handy copy of that amazing YouTube tutorial for future reference? Do not worry anymore you are at the right place to learn how to. In this guide, we shall be sharing with you the simplest way to download YouTube videos for free.

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Disclaimer: Please take note YouTube does not permit downloads of some content such as music videos or other copyright content. From my experience music videos from the streaming channels owned by VEVO do not allow downloading of its content. You can only save the video in the YouTube video App. Getting that out of the way let’s get into the tutorial.

Head over to YouTube

The first thing to do is to head over to and find the video you would like to download. The search bar would do you a ton of help on this one. Type the keyword of the video you want to download to see a likely video.

Copy the link of the video

Once you have located the video you would love to download. You just need to copy the link of the video. If you are in the search results just right click on the video and select copy link location or address from the drop-down menu, otherwise click on the video to play it. You can then select the whole video URL from the address bar.

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Open Savefromnet Website

This is where the whole magic occurs. This awesome Webapp called Savefromnet allows you to download your favorite YouTube video with ease. Below is a screenshot of their homepage.

Paste the link of the video in the search bar

Once you have opened Savefromnet, just paste the video link into the space provided. Then click on the button located right after the search bar. It normally loads the video once you have pasted the link automatically.

Select the video quality you want to download.

After your video successfully full loads select your preferred video quality to download in. Note the list of available video formats depends on the quality of the original video uploaded by the content owner. After selecting your video quality. The video file should immediately start downloading.

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Final Words

Well that all guys, we hope this article really helped you. We strive here to provide you with new and informative content every day. Kindly do us a favor and share this article with people who might need it. Also, do not forget to share any problems you are facing in the comment section below. Have a nice day guys!

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