How to Check if Your Website Has Been Indexed by Google

Getting your website index by google is the first step towards ranking in search results. Most often a new website is not indexed by Google right after they are created. It talks a couple of days and even weeks for Google’s robot commonly called Googlebot to crawl these websites. Today we are going to look at a very quick way to see if your website has been indexed by Google or not. With these methods, you also see the pages of your website indexed by google also. There are mainly two ways to check if your website has been indexed by Google or not. We have the shorter method and the longer method.

The shorter method ( Via google search)

The very first way to check if your website has been index by google is to try a simple google search. Just head over to Google’s Homepage.

  • Type in the name of your website in this format “”
  • Make sure you do not bring any space between the site address and the ”site:” prefix.

Just after typing this into the google search google will list all the pages on your website which has indexed so far. If you do not see any pages after doing this then it means your website has probably not been index by google yet. If you are also seeing very few pages after doing this then hop on to the second method to a detailed metric about your website indexing status.

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Using Google Search Console

If you have been reading my other blog post then you probably have heard of Google search console before. This serves as the intermediate between Google and webmasters. You get to submit your website for indexing in the search console. So head over to the Google Search console homepage. Select your website from the verified properties.

Note: If you haven’t used Google search console before you have to verify the ownership of your website before you will begin to see data or even check if your website has been indexed by Google using this method.

If you want to know if a particular page has been indexed by google just paste the URL of the page into the upper search bar. A pop up will appear after doing this informing you” retrieving data from google index”. After that pop up you should see the indexing status of your page.


Final Words

This is just a very simple guide on how to check if your website has been index by google. We shall be writing a detailed article about how to use Google Search console to improve the SEO of your website. Kindly leave your comments in the comments section below if you need further assistance. Thank you for reading from IvyBuzz.

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