How To Change The Album Art Of Any MP3 File or Audio

Hello, folks today we are going to show how to add a custom cover or album art to any audio or MP3 file on your laptop or PC. This tutorial will be performed on a Windows PC but similar steps may be used on a MacBook. Without wasting much time let’s get into the tutorial.

Download MP3Tag

The first thing to do is to have an mp3 or audio file ready. Let’s get real guys you cannot change the alum or covert art of any file if you don’t the audio file. Once you have got your audio file ready hop over to the Mp3tag website to download the software. Oh! Do not worry it is a freeware and the setup file is less than 5MB.

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Install the offline Setup.

Once your file has finished downloading which usually takes less than a minute. Locate the setup file and double click to install MP3tag. You should be greeted with a series of text about license agreements. Just click next and select your preferred installation location. It usually a good idea to install the app in C Drive.

Open your audio file with MP3 Tag

You are halfway through the tutorial after installing the MP3 tag. Right-click on the audio file and select MP3 from the drop-down menu. It is usually the fourth option from the list. You should see a new window similar to this.

You would notice this app does not only allow you to change the album art is also gives you tons of other functionally. A few of them include being able to edit the title of the audio file, the artiste, the genre and Album artiste. You can choose to modify those areas if you like but today we are just interested in changing or replacing the album art.

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Replace or change the album art

This is ultimately the last step of the tutorial. The last option from the left panel right under the directory menu is where you should be looking at. If the audio file already has album art, you would see it in that region.

Just right click on that region and select change album art. Then select your preferred image from your PC or laptop. It’s as simple as that. After selecting the image of your desire, navigate to File on the upper left corner. Select Save from the list to finish saving your work.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this really simple tutorial about how to change the album art of any audio file. Please note there are other cool apps that can be used to do the same job as MP3tag such as VLC and Audacity. We personally love the MP3 tag because it makes everything simpler.

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Kindly share your thoughts with us in a comment below. And as usual comment any problem you are facing and we would be very glad to help you. Also, leave a comment below if you want us to make a tutorial about how to change the album art of any audio file using VLC or Audacity.

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