Growing Your Facebook Page From Scratch The Essentials You Need to Know

Hello, folks today I will be sharing with you the essentials in growing a Facebook page completely from scratch. I have grown many Facebook pages from zero likes and followers to thousands of active followers over the past years. Trust me it wasn’t an easy journey. But do not panic yet, I will share with you some tricks and tips to help you grow your page completely from scratch.

You won’t move from zero to hero overnight

This is the obvious misconception many individuals actually conceive. As I said earlier overtime the Facebook algorithm has evolved. Gone are the days you could use auto likes and dubious ways to grow your Facebook page.

Facebook ranks as one of the most expensive brands in the world. Think of it will such a brand cheapen its security. On that note be prepared to invest time into growing your Facebook page. Sometimes you may also need to throw in a couple of bucks to get that page growing.

The backbone of the Facebook algorithm

Before you can make use of the powerful social media platform called Facebook to generate conversion, lead, and sales you need to understand the backbone of Facebook’s algorithm. Most individuals think the key to making a post go viral on Facebook is likes, trust me this is very wrong.

Day in day out Facebook’s AI gets much intelligent. It tries to imitate human behavior in its operations. Comment and shares baby!! They are the backbone of Facebook’s algorithm. Let’s take this scenario you go shopping and discover an awesome book.

You might like the book but if you do not leave a review or share the book with friends how would others know of the book. It’s more or less like gossip. Gossip spreads quickly because many people comment about it and also share it with others.

It is not advisable to pay for promotion of your page when you are just beginning

As corny as this sound it’s actually the best thing to do. Facebook tries to milk as many pennies from new pages as possible. I plead with you to get at least your first thousand likes before considering paid promotion on Facebook.

Facebook groups are your friends

Over the past years, Facebook has been pushing much effort in drawing awareness to its Facebook groups. It’s already 2020 and they are tying as much as possible to push many users to join Facebook groups. You should also try as much as possible to get most of the active real followers from this channel.

It’s simple to join a lot of groups related to your page and share outstanding content. Group members are more likely to like and follow your page.

Final Words

I hope I highlighted most of the essentials needed in growing your Facebook page from scratch. In our next guide, we shall be sharing with you a step by step blueprint in growing your Facebook page. But before that check out our article on how to make a Facebook post go viral.

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