Finding a Profitable Niche For Your Blog or Affiliate website. All You Need to Know

If you are doing affiliate marketing or blogging you probably need to find a niche that is profitable. In this article, we are going yo talk about how to find those niches that can generate a 100 dollars a day or more. Why is important to find a profitable niche for your blog or affiliate website? It is simply getting the right profitable niche will help you immensely in your SEO and also bring many earnings.

Let’s look at a screenshot above from this guy’s niche. you can see he earns an average of one dollar per click on his affiliate bog. So far he has masses a total of 146, 000 clicks. If he chooses a different niche in which the earning per click is 10 cents he wouldn’t have made a lot of money. This shows that choosing the right niche is essential as a good marketer.

What is a niche?

To begin with what is a niche. Here is an example there are thousands of people are searching for how to make money online. So they open up google and type in how to make money online, This exact search just in the US alone has over thousands of monthly searches a month. And if we add up all of the related keywords we will see that there are more monthly searches. So “how to make money online” is a niche.

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Find a niche idea

One easy way to find a niche idea is to look at one of the networks that connect vendors of digital websites with affiliates. You can use popular websites like Clickbank. Just type in a simple search and see the various products available. Also, do check the affiliate score of the product. Once you find an offer open it a new tap. Check the percentage per sale.

Make sure you get a product with a percentage rate of 80 percent. Often stick to products with a gravity score of 100 plus. Check the review from other affiliates to see the product is worth considering. Take note you can also use other new tools such as ShareASale or Commission Junction.

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Be sure to track tour various niche ideas ins a spreadsheet. You can also use Amazon affiliates to do your niche research idea. Now that you have obvious niche ideas lets see if the niches are worth considering

Choose a niche that people are searching for

Now that you have successfully compiled a list of niche I e time to shortlist. The first thing to consider in shortlisting your niches ideas is to filter out niches that people are actually searching for. What do I mean by this? I mean check if the average monthly searches for that niche are high or not. Just perform a quick google search to see if the monthly searches are high. You can use a tool like Ahrefs, Uber suggest or Google keyword planner to find more information about your niche.

Choose a niche with low competition

Investing your time and effort in building a website around a high competition niche is really not a good idea. If you are a single man army then I recommend you go for a low competition niche. If you have got a huge team supporting your project then you can go for a high competition niche.

Why do I urge you to go for a low competition niche? It will be much easier to rank your blog post in a low competition niche and the great thing is; this will happen within a shorter time compared to a highly competitive niche.

Choose a niche you are passionate about

Effort! effort! an effort! this is mainly the backbone of a successful website. You can build a website alright but not putting sufficient time and effort in it will render the website useless. I have seen many bloggers and affiliate marketers who start their new blog only to quit after a few months. The main cause of this phenomenon is that they choose a niche they are not passionate about.

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As I said earlier you will be investing a lot of time and effort in promoting your blog or affiliate website. Most often this is much easier to do when you actually enjoy what you are doing. So to prevent the case of boredom and potentially quitting your new blog or affiliate website we want you to choose a nice that you have a high interest in.

Final Words

I hope wit this guise you end up finding the right profitable niche for your blog or affiliate website. Do not miss out on our “how to make money online series“. Kindly check our other cool articles for accurate information about how to make money online.

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