A Simple Trick To Make Your Facebook Post Viral

Whether it’s growing your brand or just gaining traffic to your blog. Making your post go viral is a really essential component in every blogger’s joinery. Of course, you could get thousands of views a day without any of your blog post going viral on social media.

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Yet that little traffic from social media can create your cost per click significantly. Today we shall be sharing you a blueprint to get your post go viral in no time. Please take note we do not guarantee that using this little trick will make your post go viral instantly.

Share a “virable” content

The first thing you need to do is to create content that is capable of going viral. Trust me a picture of you brushing your teeth is not going to go viral on Facebook. Be creative and come up with something worth going viral.

A “virable” content is worth sharing, commenting and liking on Facebook. Let’s take it the other way round. Posting a really funny cat video is capable of going viral easily compared to a picture of you brushing your teeth.

Time it right

Posting a virable content at the wrong time shouldn’t be done. From my observation, most individuals are really active on social media after work (usually between the hours of 5 pm to 9 pm. This would be the perfect time to share your content.

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Share your blog posts

Now you have successfully created a viral content and have just timed it right. What left? Share the blog post. I would recommend you post in a group related to your niche or if you have got a ton of friends or followers you can also post it on your timeline.

It would be prudent if you posted it on your Facebook page. If you shared it in a group or your timeline, tag friends or people who are more likely to react to your blog post.

Ask a question along with the post

The backbone of Facebook’s algorithm is comments and shares. Of course like and reactions really play a role in making a post go viral. But the majority of the work depends on user engagements. To squeeze much engagement ask a question related to the blog post when sharing the blog post.

Ask your friends to share the post

It is time to actually beat the Facebook algorithm for your blog post to go viral. Ask your friends to share the post in other groups or their timeline.

Ask your friends to comment on the post (their honest opinion)

Remember I asked you to ask a question along with the blog post. Yes! Ask your friends to comment on the blog post. This should be a sincere opinion related to the question asked. If this is done wrong Facebook will mark your post as spam.

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Do not overshare your content

Throwing more light on the last statement said. If you try to make your content go viral too quickly Facebook will block your post and mark it as spam. To prevent make sure you do not share your article many times in a short time.

Reach out to admins of groups’ related to your

Ok on that note if your blog post is being shared by lots of people apart from you Facebook wouldn’t mark it as spam. Reach out to admins of different groups related to your niche and ask them to also share your blog post in their group. This will increase your post reach organically.

Wait for the content to go viral

Ok, you have done exactly what I have said and your post hasn’t been marked as spam well done. Now it’s time to sit back and relax and wait for your blog post to go viral. Do not be discouraged if your first blog post does not go viral. Give it a day or two and share another blog post capable of going viral.

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Final Words

I told you that I don’t guarantee that following this blueprint is automatically going to make your blog post go viral. But I have been using this blueprint for years now and I haven’t encountered any hitches so far. Kindly comment below if you need further assistance. Have a nice day friend!

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