7 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online In Ghana (An Online Entrepreneur)

how to make money online

Let’s face it, folks, Ghana doesn’t have the perfect economy up to date the average person is paid only 200 cedis a month. With this kind of salary, how can one survive? How much does even a shaving stick cost? On top of that is also difficult to find a decent job to do in the country.

Graduate or not the hassle is still difficult for everybody. Many smart individuals have turned to the internet to earn some substantial income to survive. Trust me I am not talking about the scammers, I am talking about the YouTubers, bloggers and social media influencers. With that said let’s get into the real stuff.


The first thing I would talk about is blogging. To be honest with you blogging is actually my favorite means of making money online. I earned my first two hundred dollars online through blogging and guess what I wasn’t even eighteen years at that time. I was only sixteen. Blogging can be the easiest way to make money online if only you dedicate adequate attention to it.

Ok, some of you might not know what blogging is. It’s simple you create content (articles or videos) and post them on your blog (website or YouTube channel) and earn money simple! When you have a decent number of visitors on your blog every day you can sign up for AdSense and start making money from ads displayed on your blog.

YouTube Ad revenue

YouTube is my second favorite go to if you want a decent living from the internet. Youtubing is similar to blogging just that in this case your content is actually being produced in the form of a video and uploaded to the YouTube streaming platform.

Once you have amassed a decent number of subscribers and views you will qualify to display ads on your channel. This is where you actually begin to earn money from folks who click or watch your ads.

Bitcoin Mining

This is actually for the big guys. If you have got sufficient capital you can actually start bitcoin mining. This is insanely easy to do but requires a lot of money to start. A bitcoin miner is a device that mines bitcoin. You just power it on and it mines bitcoin for you, period!

As simple as that. It’s kind of a money-making machine. So if you have got sufficient startup capital I recommend you try our bitcoin mining. Please take note some websites allow you to mine bitcoin without actually purchasing the physical hardware.

Please stay aware from these sites most of them are scammers. Only a few ones such as genesis mining and Hashflare are legit.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is also a cool way to make money online. With forex, you just buy and sell currencies and make profits from the frequent fluctuation in a particular currency.

I was personally introduced to forex by a Ghanaian betting expert called Oswald. Forex is quite tricky so be sure to take a course or two about forex trading before actually begin investing your money.

 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is more native to the western world but you can still try it out to earn some profits. But trust me it wouldn’t be very huge. Affiliate marketing is when you earn commissions for a product bought through you.

You are normally given a specific link. When customers purchase a product through that link you are given a small commission of the product.

Paid Promos on Telegram Channels

This one of the smartest ways to make money online. If you spend a lot of your time on social media you can create a group especially on telegram and grow it.

Once you have many members you charge individuals for advertising in that group. Of course, your group would have to offer some kind of value before people will actually join.

Online Trading Platforms

This is my last method for making money online. I usually buy a lot of products from online listing websites such as OLX (currently Jiji.com.gh). It’s simple, you look for a very rare product that is not listed on this website.

It doesn’t have to be your product it could be someone’s product. Once you find a buyer, you buy the physical product and trade it with the buyer at a higher price.

Final Words

In all making money online has to do with trading some amount of time, product or service for income. So be sure to try out any of the methods above. Kindly leave your comments below if you need further assistance.

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