5 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow PC Significantly In 2020

Let’s face it no one likes working a super slow PC, aside from being quite irritating it tends to waste a lot of time thereby reducing your productivity. Whether it’s that preposterous lag in playing your favorite video game or waiting for long hours to render a single 1-minute video, a slow PC is no one’s go-to.

Today we are going to share with you five amazing little tricks to increase the speed of your super slow PC significantly in 2020. Oh yes!!! You heard me right, let’s get into the article.

Start using a disk cleaning utility

The first thing you need to consider before dumping that slow PC for a new one is to install a disk cleaning utility. Our favorite program for doing this is CCleaner. There is a free and pro version if you are wondering. I wouldn’t recommend you buy the pro version because the free version does the job quite well.

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So basically what you want to do is to download CCleaner and install it. After opening the program for the first time it will scan your Pc and remove all junk temporary files from your PC. You will be amazed by the size of redundant files on your PC if you haven’t actually cleaned your PC before.

Just a side note CCleaner has got a ton of other functions such as uninstalling of programs. You can play around with those features just to squeeze out more juice.

Throw in a faster RAM or Memory

If you are not a geek or computer whiz, RAM and the CPU are actually what plays a major role in the speed of your PC. But we recommend you upgrade your RAM rather as it plays a huge role in your day to day operation of your PC.

For instance, doing a lot of multitasking would depend mainly on the size and speed of the RAM used. So if you’ve got 4Gigs of RAM, just upgrade to a much decent size like 8Gigs. It wouldn’t hurt to do so, just some extra bucks spent.

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Upgrade your hard drive to an SSD

Just before you get confused a Solid State Drive otherwise known as an SSD, plays the same role as a hard disk. The major difference between an SSD and a hard drive is that there are no moving parts in an SSD.

This, in turn, improves the whole performance of a Solid State Drive. In recent times it is advisable to get an SSD as our C drive and a hard drive usually with a larger size as your secondary drive for storing huge files and media.

Update your drivers regularly

Last but one crucial thing to do is to update your device driver regularly. Even though this might not seem like a hot deal trust me it is. As new softwares are developed they require updated drivers to make them run smoothly. Many individuals tend to ignore this even compute geeks, don’t be a victim of this.

Hurry to update your drivers now. You can use a free tool like driver genius to scan your PC for aquake drivers and update them over the internet. If you do not like that option you can use windows built-in driver updater to do it via device manager.

Uninstall Junk Applications

The last thing to do after implement the above measures is to manually uninstall outdated and junk applications on your PC. Windows caches applications defaults to make them load quickly anytime you open them. This cache size gradually grows and left redundant when the software is not being used anymore.

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You can save space and improve your computer speed by manually deleting this application to allow window unlog these caches. You can turn to our old friend CCleaner for this or manually uninstall them using windows built-in uninstaller. You should see some increase in performance in your PC after doing this.

Final Words

Well, that’s our personal take on how to improve your PC speed significantly in 2020. If you think we left any vital thing out Kindly share with us in the comment section below. Have a good day friend!

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