5 Tips to Rank Your New Website on Google for Free in 2020

Is your website is just a few months or weeks old? Would you like to know how to rank your website’s new blog post in google search results for free? Search engine traffic is a great and dependable source of traffic, especially from google. This traffic tends to bring conversion and leads for your business or affiliate website. Over the years there have been many theories and tricks regarding how to grow your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strength. Most of these tips and tricks only work on moderate or huge websites. This guide is for a completely new website with no or few backlinks. If you would want to know the step by step blueprint read to the end to find how to do so.

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Focus on content and user experience

The very first thing to consider when ranking your blog post website on google is to focus on user experience and content. What do I mean by this? Instead of just installing an SEO plugin and throwing a lot of keywords into your blog post make sure your blog readers are satisfied with the content they are reading. Write detailed blog posts that are easy to comprehend. Avoid throwing in fancy pop-ups and unnecessary ads. When you are just starting out bounce rate is very important to google. Focus on optimizing your website to reduce the bounce rate.

Make sure your website is fast

In succession to the above pint, even though making sure your website is optimized for users reduces bounce rate it might also drastically improve the speed of your website. Most often many webmasters install redundant plugins that end up slowing their website. As of 2020 google has included site speed as a metric in the google search console. That is to say, it has taken website speed to be a very crucial ranking factor. Unless you are a popular website like Forbes, make sure your website is as fast as possible. If you can ignore any sidebar widgets and fancy plugins do so. Try to make your website as simple as possible.

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Do some basic on-page SEO

Even though when you apply on-page SEO, it is not very essential in ranking your blog post, make sure your articles are optimized properly. When Google notices the other metrics which determine the quality of your website is on point and your on-page SEO is wack! You will be penalized accordingly. To be on the safer side make sure your website is optimized with the right keywords, anchor text, internal linking, etc. We advise you to install a plugin like Yoast or RankMath. These plugins will guide you on optimizing your articles for search engines.

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Add substance to your website

This point is going to help you accomplish the next tip we are going to talk about. What do I mean by add substance to your website? It is simple just writing a bunch of different unrelated blog posts to choose a particular topic example basketball and write about many articles around that specific topic in this case basketballs. When you are just starting out your website your page authority is very low but when you begin to write many articles surrounding a particular topic google begins to rank your blog posts higher. This is because it assumes you have a high page authority on that topic.

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Get some backlinks

This is the last and the most important tip on how to rank your new website in 2020. This has been no big secret every popular blogger knows backlinks are the backbone in ranking your articles. When you are just starting out you would a couple of them to give your site that little push. Getting backlinks are extremely hard to do but luckily we have found an easier way to get backlinks that work in 2020. This is what you would want to do instead of just buying backlinks from Fiverr we recommend you write many blog posts that answer questions people are looking for.

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Most of the time many websites are not writing single blog posts to answer these questions so take advantage of this to rank your blog posts when someone searches for answers to these questions. Now, this is where the magic occurs when other blogs are writing articles they normally link to other resources for a detailed explanation of the topic being addressed. Assuming I am writing a blog post about how to play basketball, I might first ask the question “is it difficult to play basketball”. I then hop on Google to search for more information. Boom! Your blog will should up in the first, second or third position. I then link to your article in the blog post as a source of reference. Simple right you have earned yourself a free backlink.


Final Words

Most often many blogs will give you tips on how to rank your website on google. But these tips are normally for websites with a good SEO profile already, therefore, trying out these tips wouldn’t work for you. If your website is very new be sure to implement these tips we have given you. Kindly check out other articles for more informative content. Leave your comments below if you need further clarification. Thank You.

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