5 Reasons Why Your New Blog Posts are Not Indexed Quickly

Traffic from Search engines especially google has always been reliable and will continue to be so. Tapping into the wide users of search engines can drastically grow your blog’s audience. As a blogger you much invest much time in adopting proper SEO tools and mechanisms, to make sure your articles rank min google search results. In view of this, today have compiled here five reasons your new blog posts are probably not being indexed by google.

Having insufficient/irrelevant information in your content

This is the major reason why numerals blog posts are not published in google search results. Take note google might crawl your blog post alright but wouldn’t consider it for indexing let alone ranking until it dims your content relevant. What do I mean by relevant or insufficient content? The most common example is publishing a blog post with very few words. Eg a fifty words blog post. In the eyes of Google, such a post is probably garbage and until your website has a strong domain authority or backlink profile it wouldn’t index your blog posts. Another typical example is writing content which is not related to the headlined of your posts.

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Posting copied content from other websites or blogs

Imagine searching for a query on google only to discover the first, second and third websites on google search results list contain exactly the same content. How would you feel? Probably pissed! Yes! That is why Google is very particular about copied content. You can’t just hop onto another website and copy its content into your new blog posts. Not even if you credit the original author that doesn’t guarantee your blog posts will be indexed. Also, try as much possible to stay away from copyright images. Images especially infographics are becoming a more preferable way of conveying information. So never copy images from someone’s blog and used them in yours.

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Not interlinking your blog posts to new ones

In my guide on how to make google index your new blog post quicker, I highlighted the most important thing to do is to interlink your content a much as possible. Google does not immediately know you have published a new blog post rather it discovers new articles when it craws old ones. Therefore try as much as possible to link blog posts that are related to each other as possible. There are numerous free tools and plugins which allow you to link your blog posts automatically without manually doing them yourself. Examples are Yoast Premium, Rank Math, and Link Juice. WordPress has developed a new widget that displays your new posts in a list form. Be sure to make use of this feature also as it also helps goggle crawl your site better.

Having a bad Meta structure

Meta structures are basically how google analyses your content and presents it in search results. When your Metadata is not set properly google encounters a hard time deciphering what your blog post is about. You can use free SEO tools such as All in One Rich Snippet or RankMath to customize your Meta structure so it looks better in google search results.

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Publishing content against google publisher policies

This is the last thing we are going to talk about. I have noticed it is quite difficult to find articles about hacking, cracking and sometimes pornography on google. Why is this so? This is because Google doesn’t advise publishers to publish this type of content. If you decide to publish such things be prepared for a massive drop in your SEO. Stick to the rules and make the google atmosphere a friendly one.


Final Words

I hope I have enlightened you on some of the common reasons why new articles are not indexed by google. If you avoid the mistakes I have highlighted above you should see some changes in the SEO of your website. Be sure to leave a comment below if you need any form of help or advice. Have a nice day friend!

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