5 Reasons why WordPress is the Best Content Management Platform (CMS)

With the rapid spread of technology, we are evolving into a new era where almost every single task can be done over the internet. As the internet gets more and more users’ new websites spring up each and every day. Whether is a new blog or website or even a professional shopping website deciding on a good Content Management System to use as a webmaster is very crucial to succeed. You might have heard of this Content Management System a couple of times already. Today we are going to look at 5 Reasons why WordPress is the Best Content Management Platform (CMS).

WordPress provides Regular Updates

The very first thing that makes WordPress stand out is its regular updates and enhancements. As at the time of writing this article WordPress has been developed to version 5. Day in day penetration testers and ethical hackers develop new loopholes in web apps to exploit. These loopholes are usually referred to as bugs. WordPress tries as much as possible to fix any bug it discovers thorough updates. This is why it is very important you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress regularly.

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WordPress is a completely free Platform

If you didn’t know already WordPress is an open source-oriented program. Therefore it has contributors from all over the world. This makes it diverse and hence free. This completely free tool serves as the go-to for many new bloggers, shop owners and webmasters as it provides a readily accessible platform to manage their content over the internet.

WordPress is very beginner-friendly

WordPress is used by over four hundred million blogs and online shops already. With such a steady subscriber base it becomes the go-to option for new bloggers. Almost every single news website or blog has WordPress installed nowadays. Why is this so? WordPress tries as much as possible to make its platform very beginner-friendly.

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It has gained popularity over the years for its one minute install feature. A newbie can get his or her site running with WordPress in less than five minutes. Just recently it introduced its block editor which has revolutionized content creation. Their block editor is even far better than the sophisticated Microsoft Office or Publisher.

WordPress has a ton of functionality

I spoke of WordPress’s amazing block editor in the above point. To delve deeper into WordPress’s achievement, WordPress has got a ton of functionality. Due to its popularly it allows you to integrate multiple tools with your website. These often come in the form of plugins, widget or themes. If you want to build a professional website all the tools you need online can be integrated with WordPress to get your site up and running. From push notifications to taking shop orders, WordPress has got you covered.

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It is ideal for both beginners and professionals

To sum everything up WordPress will continue to remain the most popular and best Content Management Platform due to its diversity. Coupled with powerful features garnished with beginner-friendly tools WordPress is ideal for both beginners and professionals likewise. With its own personal site management tool Jetpack, you can easily create the perfect blog for your website. If you are a web developer you can also use tools like Elementor along with numerous plugins compatible with WordPress to build that ultimate website for your client.


Final Words

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please share this article with your friends so they also embrace the beauty of using WordPress. On this note, I would like to acknowledge the fact that there are numerous Content Management Systems out there which also offer great features and support. Some of them include Joomla, Shopify, and Drupal. Be sure to go with these CMS’s if you are still not impressed with WordPress, it wouldn’t hurt to do so!

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