10 Mistakes New Bloggers Make (Avoid these)

Today we are going to be sharing with you ten mistakes new bloggers usually make when they set out to begin their blogging journey. It would be prudent if you take note of these mistakes and avoid them in any way possible.

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On that note let’s address these mistakes newbies normally make. Please note there are other notable mistakes that might not be listed in this article. Also, these mistakes are not limited to newbies only even blogging experts and gurus make these mistakes.

Choosing the wrong niche

 The first and obvious mistake we will take about is choosing the wrong niche. This might be the most serious mistake ever to make in starting a blog. Many individuals do not perform good research in their niche before selecting one. This results in their marketing strategy conflicting with their chosen niche.

What do I mean by this? For instance, an individual who has no passion for the entertainment industry might decide to create a blog about celebrity gossips because his friend also writes about celebrity gossip. With no comprehensive knowledge abort such a niche, our friend here will struggle to compete with the other popular blogs in the entertainment niche.

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Promoting your blog the wrong way

Ok, you have managed to choose just the perfect niche now it’s time to promote your blog. Trust most folks get this whole part wrong. Instead of just spamming your new blog post in that single Facebook group, look for a much interesting audience to share your content with. It is true your niche may be competitive, but you can still beat your competitors.

You just need to be a little smart and persistent. Let me give you a scenario. If that huge group is always receiving cool articles from your friend who writes about celebrity gossip, do not spam the group with the same blog post on your blog. Rather make sure you post your articles before he does simple!

Copying content from other popular blogs

This mistake is easy to fall victim toy might think this actually does no harm apart from disappointing your audience it also reduced your website authenticity in the eyes of google. This hurts your SEO( Search Engine Optimization) significantly.

Not converting new users into subscribers

You probably did not know this you can turn your new visitors into dedicated all-time views. I am not talking about Email subscription. Email marketing is almost dead. I am talking about push notifications. Install a push notifications service to squeeze more juice from your visitors.

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Installing the wrong website tools

Yes, this is also something very silly new bloggers make in an attempt to create a super perfect website. Trust most of those plugins and addons you are using on your website are probably not need. They only put unnecessary stress on your database.

Focusing too much on traffic instead of brand awareness

As a new blog if is prudent to give the impression to your new visitors that you are a unique blog that they should check out always not some photocopy of a cool website. Spend enough time on promoting your brand instead of just seeking a few couples of views a month.

Writing too many articles for a small audience

As dumb as this mistake sounds many individuals actually fall victim. Imagine writing 209 articles a day for those 50 dedicated users. Trust me they are going to be really pissed.

Installing a lot of unnecessary plugins

In the desire to create a super beautiful blog with a ton of functionality many newbies end up ruing their website in disguise. Trust me those twenty installed plugins would not increase the functionality of your site in any significant way. Stay away from unnecessary plugins as they put unnecessary stress on your website database.

Not establishing their presence on social Media

Traffic will forever remain important in blogging. This is the backbone of every blogger’s income. But take time to start official social media handles to get the most out those die-hard fans of your blog on social media. Your audience is more likely to recommend with your blog to others if they are on social media.

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Opting for free hosting plans

I placed this point at the last position because only a few individuals actually make this mistake. If only your blog is not an experimental one but a professional one, Then I would urge you to stay away from these crappy free hosting sites.

Final Words

I hope I addressed most of the essential mistakes newbies make in blogging. Did you fall victim to any of the mistakes highlighted above? Share your experience with us in the comment section below so that others can learn from it. Have a nice day friend!

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